Pantasaph Franciscan Friary

Pantasaph Franciscan Friary's Programme

October 2017

5th - 8th
Coming To The Throne Of Grace
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Coming to the Throne of Grace is a reality you can experience yourself this weekend. …Prayer, rest, talks, sharing, teaching, walks, mass, Eucharistic adoration, reconciliation, healing ministry.

More info is on the Cardiff Prayer Group website.
Spiro Sueref
Adults £140,
6-12 yrs ½ price,
5yrs and under free
Friday Inner Healing Prayer Service - open to the public
Saturday Generational Healing Service - open to the public
Both donation on the door.
13th - 15th
Thumbnail Angels And Saints
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Angels, “Messengers of a Loving God” given to each one of us, personally. Father Peter will help us explore ever further the role, attributes and contributions of the Holy Angels.

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 Thumbnail Fr Piotr Prusakiewicz CSMA Public
20th - 22nd
Stages Of Progression With The Gift Of Divine Will
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Once the Gift of Divine Will has been acquired, there are a number of stages of progression by which the soul advances in this Gift.

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 Thumbnail Tony Hickey & Fr. Noel Colahan Public