Pantasaph Franciscan Friary

  The programme for 2016 is now complete. Watch this space for 2017, coming soon.

Pantasaph Seekers' Programme.

Welcome to the Seekers' Programme at the Franciscan Friary. Each year a team of volunteers runs a series of events for people who are interested in Catholic spirituality but who are not necessarily members of the Church. If you're exploring the big questions in life or are simply intrigued, the events in the Seekers' Programme are likely to be of interest to you.

No demands are made on the people who attend and there are no long term expectations. What is offered is fellowship, a place to ask questions and the peace and calm found at the event venue.

"I wandered in; the building seemed pleasant enough but I was still a little scared. Strange place, people I didn't know.......
There, sat on a chair, was a young lady with a cast on her leg. She looked up and smiled and I knew I'd made a good decision in coming to the Catholic Experience weekend. A brief chat ensued and we went on to meet the others. Laughter rang out down the corridor as we made our way to the gathering of people all here to seek God and experience the Catholic faith. Still a little on edge, I eased my way into the room but was met with warm smiles and friendly greetings and any nerves just seemed to disappear....
Deciding to go to Pantasaph on this weekend helped to shape my life. For anyone who is considering this weekend, I would say don't think twice. You MUST go as it's a truly wonderful experience where you meet fellow Christians and come to know God in a full and true way." -- Catherine

For more information about the events and what's on offer, please contact Diane on 01352 711046.