Pantasaph Franciscan Friary

The National Shrine of St. Pio.

Please note that in addition to these pages, there is now a website dedicated to Padre Pio's shrine at Pantasaph.

Saint Pio at Pantasaph...

"Grace is a relationship with God, and Padre Pio makes you know it." SD

The Saint Pio's Days Of Prayer aim to renew the inner life we receive from Christ. Our constant discipline and struggle to be faithful to God often leave us in need of heavenly dew. Under the watchful eye of Saint Pio, there will be space for relaxation and wandering around the friary grounds, a rosary walk, confession, an opportunity for you to be prayed with and, most importantly, the Mass. The Mass was the focal point of Saint Pio's life and this is reflected in the Days. His intercession enables us to enter these mysteries more deeply and understand them better. The Saint Pio Days Of Prayer are your invitation to receive afresh the Spirit Of The Lord.

Our Lady at Pantasaph...

"Oh Mary, sweet Mother of priests, I beg and implore you to thank Jesus today, tomorrow and forever." PP

Saint Pio was a remarkable witness to the truths of the revelation of Jesus Christ for our times. The aim of the shrine is to assist him as he said he would do even greater things for his spiritual children from heaven. These truths which he lived and personified in the model of his Lord and Master Jesus, are the hopes and aspirations we hold for those who come here. Now to be accompanied by his lady in heaven, Christ's mother, "The Virgin Of Fatima". We can have even greater confidence in approaching Jesus for that peace and healing that only He can give through the ministry of Saint Pio here at his national shrine.

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